Webinar – 5 marketing automations every Xero Partner should use

In this free webinar, you’ll see how to create 5 marketing automations to help you:

  • Onboard new clients
  • Sell more to existing clients
  • Get more sales meetings (while saving admin time)
  • Support clients without lifting a finger
  • Turn website visitors into clients

The webinar is hosted by Matt Wilkinson, Founder and CEO of Bizink. He’s worked directly with hundreds of Xero Partners, on their websites and marketing. He has also spoken at Xerocon and wrote the Market for Firm course on Xero Central.

The webinar guest is Brad Golchin, owner of Wise Advice, a Xero Platinum Partner based in Auckland, New Zealand. He’s also the founder of Markezing, an agency that helps accounting firms with marketing.

Webinar Recording