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We’ve built 200+ websites for Xero Partners

Join 200+ leading Xero Partners from across the globe and let Bizink build you a lead generating website.

We’ve got everything you need to promote your Xero partnership online including Xero Partner badges, official Xero training videos, Xero landing page, Xero lead magnet, Xero focused SEO and a client area with Xero login.

We’ll also help you work smarter with integrations to eco-system apps like Practice Ignition.

No matter what your Xero Partnership level, we can create a website that will help you attract, engage and convert business owners.

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Xero Landing Page
An optimized landing page to explain Xero to clients and prospects.
Free Xero Course
Get Started with Xero is an educational course you can offer to your clients and prospects. 7 useful Xero videos embedded into automated emails, in exchange for their details.
Xero Partner Badge
Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Partner, we’ll make sure your Xero Partner Badge is proudly displayed on your website.
Xero Training Videos
Train your clients with 100+ official videos from Xero TV which are kept updated by Bizink.


Xero Login
Every Bizink site has a client area where your clients can login to Xero and other apps.
Xero SEO
We can optimize your website for Xero related keywords so your site performs well in search engines like Google.
Add On Content
We have pre-written content from popular eco-system partners like Hubdoc, Receipt Bank and Spotlight Reporting.
Xero Newsletter
A Xero tips newsletter sent to your clients and prospects every month – without you lifting a finger.


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Accounting Hub
“We’ve doubled our turnover since switching to Bizink 4 years ago. Our website has been an important part of that growth. We didn’t need to explain to Bizink what it means to be a Xero Gold Partner and why we wanted that on our website.”Andrew Millington, The Accounting Hub
“We wanted to highlight the Xero side a bit more so Bizink tweaked a few things and even added an SEO page to boost our ranking as a Xero advisor in Port Macquarie.”Sandra Magann, Seachange Accounting
“The Xero landing page has helped us quickly and easily educate clients about Xero.It helps us appeal to the modern business owners and the younger generations beyond our geographical borders.”Adrienne Dell’Ollio, Alloy Silverstein


“We are thrilled to partner with Bizink so we can deliver the best marketing advice to our Xero partners.”
We proudly refer our partners to Bizink and know that firm owners who work with Matt and his team walk away with the ability to set and execute a marketing plan. We are thrilled to partner with Bizink so we can deliver the best marketing advice to our Xero partners.

Jaclyn Anku, Partner Program Manager, Americas – Xero


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